Careers – Theatre Manager

Henley’s popular 240-seat Regency theatre is looking for an experienced theatre professional with proven people management skills, a deep understanding of the technical aspects of running a theatre and an ability to manage multiple projects while maintaining a high level of attention to detail and accuracy.

The job description can be found here. For further information, please contact the Chair of Trustees, Chris Tapp, on 07970 073460 or We seek CVs by 31 May .


Job Description

Theatre Manager

The role

Reporting to the Board of Trustees, the role of Theatre Manager is to:

Develop and maintain operational activities to support the management and development of the Theatre as a cultural hub in pursuit of its charitable objects.

Direct the day-to-day operations of the Theatre, managing activities with other Theatre officers as appropriate.

Manage the Theatre’s operations, currently comprising:

Box Office
Coffee Bar
Bookings and show contracts administration
Programming and Communications

Key responsibilities

To be the Designated Premises Supervisor for the purpose of licensing laws.

To ensure that the Theatre meets all legal requirements, including health and safety, data protection and safeguarding and complies with the Technical Standards for Places of Entertainment (2015).

To develop and maintain a detailed understanding of theatre operations, including regulatory factors, to ensure the effective running of the Theatre.

To lead the team of Theatre staff and volunteers.

To develop, in collaboration with the Treasurer and the Artistic Manager, a business plan for the Theatre each year, including a fully-costed budget, under the direction and within a timeframe set by the Board of Trustees.

To undertake reviews of the business plan for the Theatre on a quarterly basis and to recommend to the Board any proposed changes.

To collaborate with the Treasurer and the Bookkeeper to provide regular management accounts for the Board.

To manage, coordinate and deliver all designated operational activities, reporting to the Board, specifically:

Through the Artistic Manager, promotion, marketing and operation of the Theatre:

Making the Theatre available on a hire basis for amateur productions, especially for local groups in Henley, South Oxfordshire and neighbouring districts.
Overseeing the scheduling of professional productions, either on a hire basis or as own productions with a limited financial risk, with the aim of producing a balanced and attractive programme.
For community facing initiatives such as festivals, theatre schools, workshops etc. run by the Theatre or by hirers.
For other uses such as cinema, private hire or use as a location for filming and TV.

Ensure that appropriate staff and technical support are available to fulfil all contractual obligations to incoming companies.

Operation of revenue-generating catering activities connected to Theatre use.

Maintenance of the fabric of the Theatre and maintenance, replacement and upgrading of the equipment of the Theatre.

The raising of funds for, and the carrying out of renovations, extensions and improvements as from time to time decided by the Board.

Develop partnerships and links with local industry and communities, educational organisations and other relevant bodies to encourage engagement in artistic activities, working with the Artistic Manager

Any other activities directed or approved by the Board.

To act as spokesperson for the Theatre on operational matters as directed by the Board.

To be an ambassador for the Theatre and promote the Theatre and its best interests.


To manage the Artistic Manager, ensuring that he/she meets the objectives set by the Board.

To recommend to the Board appointment of departmental managers to oversee the Theatre’s operational departments.

To manage departmental managers, including the provision of training, on-the-job advice and guidance as necessary and regular performance and development reviews.

To develop and maintain comprehensive departmental guidelines for the Theatre’s operational departments, ensuring adherence by departmental managers and other Theatre officers as appropriate.

To convene regular operational and management team meetings, ensuring that appropriate minutes are taken with agreed actions and responsibilities, including deadlines for completion or follow-up.

To attend meetings of the Board of Trustees (by invitation) to fully report on operational matters, including operational team meetings, as required from time to time by the Board.

To work effectively independently and as a team player within the Theatre.

To ensure compliance with the constitution of the Theatre, as well as applicable laws, regulations and best business practice.

To ensure adherence to the requirements of any conflicts of interest policy as may be adopted by the Board from time to time.

To make a personal contribution to wider Theatre activities when required.