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The Kenton Theatre is located at 19 New Street, Henley-on-Thames, RG9 2BS.
The box office is open 11am-3pm Monday to Friday (except Bank/Public holidays) and 10am-3pm on Saturdays.
The box office, bar and coffee bar are open one hour prior to each performance.



There is limited parking on New Street itself, with the nearest car park (Kings Road/Waitrose, RG9 2DQ) a short walk from the theatre; charges apply 8am-5pm Monday to Saturday and 10am-5pm on Sunday but parking is free outside those hours. Other long-stay car parks include Henley Rugby Club (RG9 2JA) and Henley Railway Station (RG9 1FR).

Public Transport

Henley Railway Station, a five-minute walk from the theatre, offers direct trains to Shiplake, Wargrave and Twyford; with connecting trains from Twyford to Reading and London. Buses from Marlow, Reading and High Wycombe stop at nearby Bell Street.


Please advise the box office of any special requirements. We have one wheelchair space and one carer space (essential carers go free), as well as a hearing loop. There is also a wheelchair accessible toilet.

T.: 01491 525050

Seating Plan

Welcome to The Kenton Theatre

This is our Social Story

This Social Story is a visual resource designed to help visitors to prepare for a new experience and includes what to expect when they come to the Kenton Theatre.

This Social Story has been designed to be helpful to anyone who is unfamiliar with the theatre environment


Getting here

The Kenton Theatre is on New Street in Henley-on-Thames. The postcode is RG9 2BS. At one end of New Street is a teddy bear shop, at the other end is the River Thames and the Kenton Theatre is about halfway between them. There will often be lots of cars parked outside the theatre. You will be able to see the gold letters saying THE KENTON THEATRE over the front door.


Come in

You will enter the theatre through the front doors. There are three doors, and you pull them toward you to open them. You can use any of the doors. Inside is our foyer where you can collect your tickets, buy a drink or a snack and wait before the show starts.

There are hand sanitisers in the foyer if you want to clean your hands. You can wear a face covering if you want to.



The Foyer

Once you come in through the front doors you will be in the foyer. You can wait here until it’s time to sit down ready for the show. When you arrive there might be a lot of people in the foyer also waiting for the show to begin. The show will happen in the main theatre room, which is called the auditorium. There are three doors into the auditorium. The one on the left goes upstairs to the toilets and to the first floor seating area called the balcony. The other two doors lead to the ground floor seating area, known as the stalls.

Here is another picture of the doors to the auditorium. Here you can see the signs above the doors. The signs are there to remind you which door you should use to go to the stalls, the balcony, or to the toilets. You can also see through the open door into the auditorium where you will sit to watch the show.

Our main toilets are through the door on the left in this picture and up the stairs. There are signs to guide you. If you need to use a toilet on the ground floor the staff at the theatre can show you where it is.



The Box Office

In the Foyer is a counter where you can collect tickets if you have already paid for them. Just tell the person behind the counter your name and address and they will give you your tickets. You can also buy tickets for a show here. You can buy a hot drink and some snacks at this counter if you like. There may be people waiting to collect their tickets and you might need to wait for a short time in the queue.


The Bar

The bar is also in the foyer, and here you can buy a drink or a snack. The bar will be open before the show and in the interval if you want to buy anything. Sometimes you can buy souvenirs or programmes telling you about the show. This area might be quite busy and there might be a lot of other people waiting for the show to start.


Your ticket

Your ticket will show the name, date and time of the show you are coming to see. It will also show the row you are sitting in, which will be a letter from A to V. Rows A to P are on ground level in the Stalls. Rows Q to V are upstairs in the Balcony. Your ticket will also have a seat number from 1 to 15. This tells you which seat in that row you should sit in.


The Auditorium

The main theatre room is called the Auditorium. When the actors are ready for the show our ushers will open the doors so you can take your seat. Show your ticket to the person at the door and they will let you in. The person at the door is called an usher, and they can help you find your seat if you like. If you have any questions or need any help the ushers are there to help you. The ushers will stay in the auditorium while the show is on to make sure everybody is safe. The row letter is on the end seat and the number is on the front of each seat. The seats fold up if you stand up. You might hear some bells ring in the foyer. This is normal. The bells will ring a few times and are there to tell everybody that the show is about to begin.

It may be dark in the Auditorium. This is normal. Some shows might contain flashing lights or loud music, which is also normal. Once the show starts you need to stay in your seat, but you can leave to go to the toilet whenever you need to. When you have been to the toilet you can return to your seat. Sometimes the show will have a short break called an interval.

When the interval happens the show will pause and the lights in the auditorium will turn. People might leave their seats in the interval to go to the bar or the toilet. The toilets and bar might be quite busy in the interval and you might have to wait in a queue for a short time. During the interval you can leave your seat and come back to it for the second half or you can stay where you are.

When the show finishes the lights in the auditorium will turn on and everybody will leave. You can leave by the doors you came in through.


We hope that you enjoyed your visit to The Kenton Theatre!


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