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A Cold War Double Bill written by David Greig and Dan Dawes

The Soviet Union. 1967. The Space Race is at its height. One woman at the centre of it all looks back on her dreams of being part of the great Communist movement during one of the most dramatic decades of the Cold War.

Some time later, on the other side of the Iron Curtain, the new Prime Minister is working late into the night when she is interrupted by a request – a letter needs to be written. It can only say one of two things, but its implications could change the face of the earth forever…

This double-bill of short plays explores the brightest and darkest moments of Cold War history through two tautly written and gripping dramas. It will leave you questioning the nature of power and asking how our political beliefs can really change our lives – and the world.

All profits from this performance go to War Child.

“From Ukraine to Yemen, frightened and vulnerable children are living through terrifying conflicts, caught up in wars they’ve played no part in. Many are torn from home, stranded at borders, without help, food or water and not knowing when they’ll next reach a safe place to call home.

The war in Ukraine has opened our eyes to the devastating impact conflict has on children. War Child is on the ground right now with Ukrainian children and their families, but we must not forget other children around the world living through the terror of war, including those in Yemen where a brutal conflict has been raging for seven years”.

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Date & Time: Sunday 29th May at 19:30

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Running time:  135 minutes (includes a 20 minute interval)