Is there an artist in the house?

The 215 year old Kenton Theatre in Henley is really showing its age at the moment   as it looks like its doors will have to remain firmly shut for some time, along with every other theatre throughout the UK. Because of this, it is looking incredibly sad, with no lovely bright posters in the show cases heralding the new shows.

So we are asking children up to the age of 12 to paint or draw bright posters for the display cases that symbolize the theatre, whilst at the same time, sneaking in a rainbow to acknowledge the great sacrifice and hard work carried out by the NHS and frontline workers.

There will be a new theme every month, with the theme for June being Disney Characters 

Entries can either be popped through the letterbox or sent to the Kenton Theatre, New Street, Henley, RG9 2BP, with the name and address, age and contact details of the artist on the back. Every month, the winning design will receive a £10 book token!

Entries may be sent any time in June and every entry will be displayed – we have six Showcases to fill! 

If you need to, Contact me, for further information

June Competition Entries